Winter adventures with your dog


We all know that our puppies need a lot of physical as well as mental exercise to keep themselves happy and healthy. This may be quite challenging during the winter months.  Many pet-owners usually struggle with getting their dog engaged into different activities in winter due to cold temperatures. In order to get your pet more excited about winter, have a look at our list of the top 8 winter activities with your dog:

    1. Hide treats around the house. You can challenge your dog just by hiding a few treats around the house for him to sniff out. Additionally, you could also place his food in a new location at feeding time and encourage him to figure out where it is. It will keep your pup’s brain engaged.
    2. Hide and seek. Food isn’t the only thing that your dog will enjoy searching for. Try throwing a small treat into the other room to distract him and then hiding in a different location while he tries to find you.
    3. Believe it or not, a lot of dogs go crazy for bubbles! Just make sure to use a pet-friendly option.
    4. Make a maze for your dog. Using chairs, blankets, hula hoops, and other objects that you already have around your house, you can create a maze and then spend time training your dog to navigate it.

5. Try new trails. You may not be able to walk as far as you could during the warmer months, but you can make those short walks count by keeping them interesting. Visit a different part of the neighborhood or take a drive and take in the scenery in a different part of town.

6. Try skijoring or dog-skiing. This is one of the most popular winter dog sports.

7. Snow digging. If your dog likes to dig, encouraging them to dig in the snow can be a great way to burn energy

8. Make a food hunt: Encourage your pet to hunt for the food by hiding it inside so called puzzle toys.

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