Hoof, Wound & Skin Solution

The Sanocynforte Solution is the product of choice for bacterial or fungal hoof diseases, wounds, cuts, skin irritations, skin injuries, insect bites and tick bites.

The affected areas are mechanically cleaned by generous rinsing. At the same time, the Solution acts efficiently against unwanted bacteria, fungi and viruses and thus creates the best conditions for wound healing.

The Sanocynforte Solution is available in two different package sizes to meet different requirements.

  • Skin irritation and abrasions

  • 1st and 2nd degree burns

  • Fistulae and abscesses

  • Wound irrigation and debridement

  • Postoperative wounds

  • Flat or deep wounds

  • Fast disinfection

  • Cleansing and rinsing of the skin

  • For irrigation of acute and chronic wounds

Application Wound & Skin

  1. Expose affected areas
  2. Rinse generously by spraying with Sanocynforte solution
  3. Allow Solution to dry; no wiping necessary
  4. Repeat application several times a day

Application hoof

  1. Clean affected areas carefully with a hoof scraper
  2. Hoof and frog are rinsed by generous spraying with Sanocynforte Solution
  3. Let Solution dry; no wiping necessary
  4. Repeat application several times a day

Further application recommendations

Ideal in combination with a wound dressing. Moisten dressing with Sanocynforte solution before applying it to the wound.

The application in combination with Sanocynforte Hydrogel is considered ideal: One to two minutes after rinsing with the Sanocynforte Solution, the affected areas are then sprayed with Sanocynforte Hydrogel. The Hydrogel adheres excellently and can act over a longer period of time to prevents new or secondary infections.