The Sanocynforte preputial rinsing solution for male dogs contains ingredients that dissolve and remove dead cells as well as secretion of the mucous membranes, urine residues and debris at the same time.

Regular use can control inflammation of the foreskin. In addition, it counteracts bacterial growth through its disinfecting effect, which protects against re-infections and successfully prevents unpleasant odours or spontaneous secretion.

effective against bacteria, viruses, fungi

fights unpleasant odours

prevents inflammation of the foreskin

painless, uncomplicated application

without alcohol, dyes or perfumes

extremely well tolerated


Wearing gloves during treatment is recommended. After use, clean the applicator thoroughly under running water.


  1. First clean the opening of the foreskin with a wipe soaked in Sanocynforte preputial rinsing solution.

  2. Then hold the foreskin with one hand and insert the applicator between the foreskin and the penis with the other hand.

  3. Now bring in the rinsing solution by pressing on the bottle. At the same time, hold the prepuce closed with thumb and index finger and then massage with the other hand to distribute the rinsing solution in the fold of the foreskin.

  4. Then let the fluid drain off. Use for 3 to 5 consecutive days to control foreskin catarrh.


Sanocynforte products are distributed through specialized wholesalers and are available exclusively from veterinarians.

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