How to treat minor wounds and bites at home

Pets have a general nature to be curious and active, and, thus, may unintentionally get into things that could harm them. Moreover, even the friendliest cats and dogs can get into a conflict with another animal. Because of disagreements over toys, food or own space, your pets may start a fight and, thus, bite wounds can occur. While larger injuries obviously require care, it is not that clear for all pet owners that even smaller wounds that appear to be minor can create an ideal environment for infections to occur if not properly cared for. Therefore, the trip to the vet must be on your agenda.

Signs that your pet may be suffering from a bite wound include:

  • Obvious wound or injury
  • Puncture marks on skin
  • Reluctance to be touched or held
  • Raised bump or abscess at site of previous bite
  • Fever from infection caused by improperly wound care 
  • Loss of appetite
  • A bad smell

However, if you are unable to get to the vet right away, it is essential to clean the wound as soon as possible, and keep it clean.

  1. Rinse the wound generously with Sanocyn forte Solution and allow it to dry. No wiping is necessary. The Solution removes unwanted bacteria, fungi and viruses, creating the best condition to the wound healing.
  2. Apply Sanocyn forte Hydrogel. It adheres excellently, keeps the wound moist and forms a protective film, which can prevent new infections.
  3. Repeat the application several times a day. The importance of keeping the wound clean cannot be overstated!

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