HOCL instead of premature use of antibiotics

Antibiotics are a great achievement in the fight against bacteria. However, if antibiotics are used incorrectly, i.e., dosed too high as well as too low, or if antibiotics are used too frequently, bacteria can develop resistance to them. Such resistance can be problematic because treatable infections can be fatal. Therefore, avoiding excess antibiotic use has the advantage of allowing antibiotics to fully develop their effects in urgent emergencies.

Use of antibiotics

Antibiotics should accordingly be used with caution. However, this applies not only to humans, but also to animals, both livestock and pets. In order to further restrict the use of antibiotics, the new Veterinary Medicinal Products regulation came into force on January 18, 2022.

The innovative technology HOCL (hyperchlorous acid), whose antibiotic-free active ingredient is extremely efficient against viruses, bacteria and fungi, is an acid used by humans in natural defense processes. HOCL is therefore safe to use for more highly developed cell structures, both human and animal.

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Sanocyn forte is produced based on exactly this technology. It is therefore antibiotic-free and can be used without hesitation. It can be used for all animals and can help to reduce the use of antibiotics.

Typically, Sanocyn forte can be used in simple hygienic wound irrigation. The preservative HOCL in Sanocyn forte products efficiently removes over 99%of bacteria, viruses and fungi, preventing bacterial build-up. This proves to be extremely helpful, whether after insect bites or tick bites, cleaning ears and paws, and cleaning food bowls and terrariums.

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